FMovies Alternatives: Best Sites like FMovies to Watch Movies (2024)

When it comes to relaxing our minds and forgetting our worries, we either listen to music or watch movies. With so many video streaming sites & services, watching Movies & TV shows has now become easier than before.

You have not one but hundreds of video streaming services providing you with quality video content. Sites like FMovies, 123Movies, etc., provide users with free videos, but they are not legal; and are taken down from many regions.

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What is Fmovies? Is it legal?

FMovies used to provide free full-length movies and TV series, but since it used to be an illegal movie streaming source, it was banned in many regions. Today, users need to depend on a VPN/Proxy service to unblock Fmovies.

The problem continues further as there’s a risk of inviting legal trouble associated with the use of illegal movie streaming sites. Hence, if you are someone who doesn’t want to put yourself in any legal issues, it’s best to start using the FMovies alternatives.

Best Sites like FMovies to Watch Movies Online

There are quite a few Fmovies alternative available on the web that provides you with better video content. Some of them require premium subscriptions, whereas others are free. Let’s check out the best Fmovies alternatives to watching movies online.

1. Prime Video

If you are in search of an affordable movie streaming service, look no other than Amazon Prime Video. You can purchase Prime Video or subscribe to Amazon Prime Subscription to enjoy the streaming service.

Amazon Prime Subscription provides you access to some other services of the company, such as Amazon Music, Prime Delivery, Prime Reading (eBooks), etc. The good thing about Prime Video is that its subscription plans are very affordable.

You get to choose from either monthly or early plans. Also, if you’re a student, you can purchase the subscription at a 50% discounted price.

If we talk about the content, Prime Video is known for its exclusive content. It has many amazing and popular Movies & TV Shows that you can watch in high-quality and for endless time.

2. Hulu

If you live in the U.S. and are looking for a paid video-on-demand service, then Hulu might be your best pick. Hulu is less popular than Prime Video but has a growing user base.

The site keeps adding new content at regular intervals to ensure users always have videos. Hulu is a great site to watch Movies & TV Shows. Not only that, but it also has a dedicated section to stream classic sitcoms and TV Series.

The only thing that may disappoint new users is its availability. Hulu is right now available in the USA. Hence, if you want to try the video service, you need to unblock Hulu first, which may be a difficult process.

Hulu also has its official app available for Android and iOS, allowing mobile users to stream videos on the go. So, Hulu is one such video streaming service that you won’t regret buying.

3. PopcornFlix

Let’s admit it, the term ‘Online Movies’ and ‘free’ rarely go together. The site that claims to provide you with online movies asks you to purchase a subscription first.

Similarly, the site that provides free content shows you hundreds of ads. This is where Popcornflix comes in. The idea behind Popcornflix is to provide online movies which are completely free to watch.

There’s absolutely no subscription needed to watch any films available on the site. And you can watch the films countless times. The site also offers many helpful filters to browse movies by title, actor, genre, and more.

PopcornFlix is available for the web, Android, and iOS. On a mobile device, you need to download the PopcornFlix app, which is free to download and enjoy the movies & TV Shows.

4. TubiTV

TubiTV is likely the best FMovies alternative on the list, which is free and shows fewer ads than cable. Despite being free, TubiTV offers you thousands of movies & TV Shows.

All of the site’s content is always free and 100% legal to stream. The good thing about TubiTV is that it’s available for free on every platform you can think of.

You can use it on your Android, iOS, Roku, Apple TV, Amazon Fire TV, Xfinity X1, Xbos, Samsung Smart TVs, Playstation, and web.

The site is 100% free and legal and relies on ads to monetize its content. Overall, TubiTV is a great site like FMovies that you shouldn’t miss out on.

5. Pluto TV

Pluto TV is slightly different from FMovies because it’s mainly known for its LiveTV. The site lets you watch TV channels and Movies. While the Movie content is less, it still has a few popular titles in its database.

Pluto TV shows movies from Fox Studios, Paramount, Warner Bros, and more. Since Viacom owns it, you can expect many popular movies.

Pluto TV is a free video streaming service, and you don’t need to link your credit/debit card or register on the site to watch the content. Just visit the site and start watching the videos straight away.

Pluto TV is also available for Android and iOS, allowing you to stream LiveTV channels and Movies straight from your mobile.

6. Crackle

Crackle is a video streaming service backed by Sony Pictures. It’s a great FMovies alternative for watching Movies & TV Shows from Sony Pictures Studios.

The site is free to use, and you can watch all content without a subscription, but you need to adjust to the ads that appear out of nowhere.

The major drawback of Crackle is that it’s available only in selected regions. If you live in a country where Crackle is not yet available, you must look for ways to unblock Sony Crackle.

There’s an app available for Android and iPhone, and the mobile app provides an option to opt-in to get notified of any new or upcoming movies.

7. Yidio

Yidio or Your Internet Video is another best site like FMovies for watching movies online for free. You can use this site to find movies & TV shows that are available for free for a limited time.

It’s basically a video aggregator that keeps track of video content available on different movie & tv show streaming websites. Currently, Yidio supports more than 300 video streaming services, including Hulu, PrimeVideo, HBO Now, Netflix, and more.

Yidio is recommended to those who often struggle to find what content to watch. If you are someone who needs to know what to watch next, you will find Yidio very useful.

The site and the mobile app also have a dedicated ‘Free’ section that lists all movies that are free for a limited time. On the downside, you may still need to create an account on those video streaming services to watch the video for free.

8. Netflix

Although Netflix is right now the most popular and leading video streaming service, we have listed it towards the end because it’s pretty expensive.

Compared to all other video streaming services listed in the article, the premium plans of Netflix are more expensive. If you are looking for a free movie streaming site, Netflix may not be for you.

The plans are expensive, but you get to watch hundreds of movies & TV shows. Also, a Netflix premium subscription unlocks the downloading feature that allows you to download your favorite videos for offline playback.

Everything is top-notch on Netflix, from video quality to the site’s user interface. Also, for mobile users, Netflix has its app for Android and iPhone.

9. Disney+

Compared to Netflix, the plans of Disney+ are quite affordable. While the database of Disney+ is smaller than Netflix, it still has many unique contents to watch.

Disney+ is a great source for watching movies & TV shows of the Marvel Cinematic universe. You also get hosts of content from Disney.

If you live in India, you get an add-on named ‘Hotstar’. Disney+ Hotstar unlocks all content of Disney+ along with a few live TV channels and regional content.

Every plan of Disney+ provides you with a downloading feature that lets you download videos for offline access. You can access Disney+ from the web, Android, iOS, Fire TV, Smart TVs, etc.

10. YouTube

YouTube may not be the best FMovies alternative, but it’s still the best site to watch endless hours of video content. Being a leading video site, YouTube offers you more content than any other site or service listed in the article.

It’s basically a platform for both creators to share their creative talents and for viewers to watch videos. So, you will always have content on YouTube.

If we talk about Movies, YouTube has a dedicated section that allows you to rent movies. Those who don’t want to rent need to find YouTube channels that upload full-length movies.

Finding YouTube Channels that upload movies may require hard work, but it’s worth the time. If you dig well into the platform, you will find many YouTube channels uploading full-length movies regularly.

How to Unblock FMovies?

If you want to Unblock FMovies, you must use VPN or Proxies. You can even use the FMovies Proxy Sites to access the site when it’s blocked in your region.

However, since FMovies is not a safe site, streaming movies legally is recommended. This way, you won’t have to worry about legal issues or purchase premium VPNs to unblock FMovies.

FMovies Proxy Sites to unblock the site are available but often offline and show lots of ads. In addition, some proxy sites can even try to mine cryptocurrency on your device. So, it’s best to avoid relying on practices like VPNs to unblock FMovies or FMovies Proxy Sites.

So, these are some of the best sites like FMovies for Movies & TV Show streaming. If you want to share any other site like FMovies, let us know in the comments. Also, if the article helped you, make sure to share it with your friends.

FMovies Alternatives: Best Sites like FMovies to Watch Movies (2024)


Is there a better site than FMovies? ›

With a vast library and a buffer-free option, Tubi is also an incredible platform for alternatives to FMovies. it is a well-known website with hosting thousands of free movies and tv shows. Through Tubi, users may find any old movie or also stream the latest released episode of a tv show.

What has happened to FMovies? ›

FMovies has since been blocked in many countries around the world, and it was named a "notorious market" by the U.S. government in 2018. Recently, during a hearing with the Motion Picture Association in Congress, calls for more action to be taken against FMovies were particularly loud.

What is the current FMovies site? ›

What is the new website of FMovies? There are many fake websites of Fmovies but the official Fmovies website is Fmovies dot io. It is the top free streaming website, where to watch movies online free without registration required. It is one of the best sites to watch movies online for free.

Are sites like FMovies illegal? ›

Watch Movies and Shows Legally & Safely

Pirated platforms like FMovies are illegal, dangerous, and often unreliable. In my opinion, it's better to watch movies and TV shows for free on legal services. Official streaming platforms provide a safer and equally entertaining alternative to FMovies.

Which is the best website to watch movies for free? ›

  • Vudu. This is one of the best and trending movie online streaming sites which is absolutely free. ...
  • IMDb freedive. This is a comparatively new website. ...
  • FMovies. ...
  • Moviesfoundonline. ...
  • Watch series. ...
  • Pluto. ...
  • Gostream. ...
  • Snagfilms.

Why are FMovies not working? ›

Try Different Browsers:Sometimes, issues can be browser-specific. Try accessing the website using a different web browser. Clear Browser Cache and Cookies:Clearing your browser's cache and cookies might resolve certain issues.

What is 123Movies called now? ›

The original name, and URL, was, which changed to other domains including before redirecting to and later

Why is BFlix illegal? ›

Bflix is not a legal website but it is completely safe to watch movies and TV shows. They absolutely do have copyright issues. That's an illegal site.

Is there an app for FMovies? ›

FMovies, is an amazing movie finder application that opens up an exciting gateway to the world of movies and TV shows. Whether you're an avid film enthusiast or just looking for a casual watch, our app offers an effortless way to explore, discover, and stay updated on the latest entertainment trends.

Is 123Movies gone? ›

Due to the illegal nature of the website/service, 123movies was taken down. Since then, many alternatives to 123Movies have cropped up. You will also find 123movies proxy sites that offer similar content. However, since free streaming websites violate copyright laws, we recommend accessing them at your own discretion.

Is 123Movies safe? ›

Yes, 123Movies clone sites are associated with numerous security and privacy risks. In particular, these are malicious ads and pop-ups, spoofed links, and malware-infected download files. On top of that, using such sites is illegal in many regions. Read this article to learn more about these threats.

What is better than FMovies? ›

YTS or Yify Movies

YTS is one of the most popular and suitable alternatives to FMovies. There are thousands of movies available on this web-based streaming platform, and users can easily watch or download them accordingly. This is a totally free-to-use platform, and you do not have to pay any amount for downloading.

Can you get caught using FMovies? ›

But, for the most part, it's illegal. If after reading this piece, you still want to access FMovies, you should check whether it's legal to use the streaming site in your country. Otherwise, your tracks may be traced, and you could run into trouble if the police go after the website.

What did FMovies change to? ›

Top Pirate Sites Switch Domains

And it's not the only popular pirate site to relocate. This weekend, several pirate streaming sites switched to new domain names. Fmovies, for example, traded in its domain name for, without any explanation.

Is 123Movies sketchy? ›

Yes, many 123Movies clone movie sites can expose you to malware, viruses, adware, and phishing attacks. If you accidentally download malicious software, your computer or mobile device may become infected and freeze, slow down, or crash.

What happens if I use FMovies? ›

Verdict: Should You Use FMovies? No, you should not use FMovies. Sites like FMovies can expose your devices to viruses and malware through in-site links. Moreover, it contains pirated content, which is illegal in many countries.

Is there a better site than 123Movies? ›

Hulu is another great alternative to the 123Movies website. Just like Netflix, Hulu is also one of the oldest and biggest streaming platforms. It offers a large library of movies, TV shows, and Hulu Originals, with over 40 million subscribers in the USA.

What is the safe alternative to 123Movies? ›

A safer alternative is an option that is less hazardous for workers than the existing means of meeting that need.


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