Resident Evil 4 Remake Chapter 4 Collectibles Locations (2024)

Resident Evil 4 Remake Chapter4 contains28 CollectibleLocations.This walkthrough will guide you to all collectibles inchronological order.Everything that’s needed for trophies, achievements and 100% completion is included:Treasures, Castellans, Merchant Requests, Recipes, Weapons, Weapon Parts, Chapter-Specific Trophies & Achievements.

All Collectiblesexcept Treasures Progress carry over into New Game Plus. There is no Chapter Select or Free-Roam after the story, but you can get missing collectiblesin New Game Plus. All Treasures must be found in a single playthrough to unlock their trophies. Some collectibles can’t be reached on the first visit, those must be collected during later chapters when you have the necessary key items.

Collectible Progress can be tracked in the Challenges Menu. Treasure Progress shows on the world map after buying the treasure map from the merchant. It’s highly recommended to collect everythingat the first opportunity outlined here,areas gradually become inaccessible when advancing the story.

Resident Evil 4 Remake Chapter 4 Collectibles Locations (1)

Chapter 4

Objective: Investigate the two locations

Key Item: Old Wayshrine Key
Inside the Mural Cave when you reach the underground lake, turn right before entering the lake to find this on a small altar.

Merchant Request: Egg Hunt
On the wall left of the previous item. The island on east side of the lake is a chicken farm, there you find a golden egg (this will be listed below, don’t worry about it for now). Then you’ll have to sell the golden egg to the merchant, he is southwest of the lake.

Treasure: Alexandrite
Found on the shipwreck in the middle of the lake, in a chest.

Treasure + Weapon: Red9 Pistol
Same place as the previous treasure, on the same boat. (if you are in New Game+ and picked it up in previous playthrough it willgive a Large Gold Bar instead)

Treasure: Velvet Blue
On the little island in the east of the lake, where the chicken farm is, on a barrel.

Gold Chicken Egg (for Merchant Request: Egg Hunt)
On the same island as the last treasure. Remember to sell it to the Merchant later to complete the Request.

Treasure: Pearl Bangle
Use the Old Wayshrine Key on the altar in Lakeside Settlement (northwest area of lake).

Request: Catch Me A Big Fish
In Lakeside Settlement, open the locked door with Insignia Key and you’ll find the blue letter behind the door in the tunnel. You have to catch a Lunker Bass fish in the lake in front of the Boat House (location will be listed below when we get there, don’t worry about it for now).

Castellan 4
From the previous location turn around,go through another gate to enter a house and then climb up a ladder to the Forest Altar area. In this area you can shoot the Castellan through a fence.

Key Item: Small Key
In the same area as the Castellan, the small key on a cart, needed for the next treasure.

Treasure: Gold Bar
Now that you have the small key, enter the house in Lakeside Settlement and open the drawer in the first room on the left.

Treasure: Red Gemstone Ring
Same house, go to the end of the house and drop down intothe dark basem*nt. Treasure is at the end of the basem*nt where Chapter 1 ended.

Lunker Bass(for Merchant Request:Catch Me A Big Fish)
You can harpoon this big fish near the Boat House in the southeast corner of the lake. Sometimes it might not spawn there on first try, if it’s not there drive back across the lake and return and it should spawn in front of the Boat House. There are also smaller fish nearby, but the one you need is the biggest fish, when on the boat and facing the boathouse it’s usually swimming slightly to the left in front of the boathouse. You must then sell it to the merchant (southwest of lake).

Finish Requests “Egg Hunt” & “Catch Me A Big Fish”
Make a quick detour to the merchant in the southwest of the lake, sell him the Golden Egg and Lunker Bass to free up inventory space. This will finish the two requests for him.

Key Item: Blasphemer’s Head
Drive the boat to the north-east most corner of the lake and dock it in the cave there. Interact with the console by the locked door and press the 3 correct icons (see image below). Behind it pick up the key item. Next treasure is here too.

Key Item: Hexagon Piece C
In same room as the last key item, on the right before climbing up. We need this for one of the shrines on the west of the lake to get a treasure later.

Treasure: Ruby
Same room as the last key item, upstairs, shoot down the silver container.

Treasure: Depraved Idol
It’s highly recommended to make a manual save before this puzzle! It can be solved in 2 moves if you do it correctly but if you mess up it can get very complicated and takea long time of trial and error to fix it.Park the boat on the west side of the lake where you entered it in Chapter 3 before the boss fight. There you find an altar where you can insert the 3 Hexagon Pieces. Spin them like in the image shown below to receive the treasure. On Assisted/Standard it takes 2 moves: Spin the left side once, then spin the top side once. On Hardcore/Pro: Spin right side x2, Spin left side x2, Spin top x1. If you made a mistake it’s faster to reload the last save and retry it from the start, otherwise it can get very confusing after making too many wrong spins.

Treasure: Splendid Bangle
Drive the boat through the tunnel on the west-side of the lake. After the cave you can get off the boat and use the Old Wayshrine Key to open a shrine and get the treasure.

Treasure: Alexandrite
Just above the previous treasure shrine to the right hangs a silver bell. Shoot it down to get the treasure (you passed by it earlier after exiting the church so you might already have shot it down then but couldn’t collect it earlier).

Treasure: Velvet Blue
Take the boat to the very south-west of the lake, through the dripstone cave. There you can get off the boat on the path to Large Cave Shrine. Shoot down the hanging silver container from the ceiling to get the treasure.

Key Item: Apostate’s Head
Same area as the previous treasure, at the end of the area up the ladder. You must interact with the console by the door and press the 3 correct icons (see below). Then the door opens and you can pick up the item behind.

Objective: Get the key to the church

Key Item: Church Insignia
Head back to the Mural Cave where the chapter started. Place both heads on the pedestals (Blasphemer’s Head on left, Apostate’s Head on right). You are going to have to backtrack to the church from Chapter 3 and insert the Insignia on the church gate.

Objective: Head for the church

Treasure: Butterfly Lamp
Return to the merchant in the southwest of the lake, go through the doors next to him to backtrack towards the church (path you took in Chapter 3). Use the Wayshrine Key on the Wayshrine.

(Yellow Diamond)
(Dropped by Ogre boss, but doesn’t count as a treasure, not a collectible)

Objective: Look for Ashley in the Church

Key Item: Small Key
After using the Insignia on the church gate and entering inside, it’s to the right of the altar. Use this key on the drawer in the save room of the church (see next treasure).

Treasure: Yellow Diamond
In the typewriter save room of the church, use the small key to open the drawer.

Key Item: Blue Dial
Inside the church on the right, in a shelf. After getting it pull the lever left of the altar, then insert the blue dial in the altar. You must then spin the blue, green, red glass around the wings of the creature in a way that all the colored glass fills out the full area but doesn’t overlap each other (image below).

That’s 100% of the collectibles inChapter4 of Resident Evil 4 Remake (RE4).

Next Up:Chapter5 Collectibles

For an overview of all other Chapters, refer toResident Evil 4 RemakeCollectibles Guide.

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Resident Evil 4 Remake Chapter 4 Collectibles Locations (2024)


Can you miss treasure in RE4 remake? ›

There's a counter on your map that tells you your progression on treasure hunting. You can't have gotten every treasure, you need to look closer on the map and flip between the levels of each map. I don't believe there's been any bug reported for missing treasure icons.

Do collectibles carry over in RE4 remake? ›

When Resident Evil 4 remake players kill the final boss and start a New Game+ run, pretty much everything carries over except for key items and side quest progress. This means that Resident Evil 4 remake players get to keep all their weapons, ammo, money, upgraded weaponry, healing items, and treasures.

What is the most powerful weapon in RE4 remake? ›

Aside from the Rocket Launcher, magnums are the most powerful weapons in the game. However, their ammo is also the rarest. The weapon's caveat is that its accuracy can be somewhat shaky. Given the rarity of magnum ammo, this can make the weapon very risky to use.

How to make 100,000 treasure in RE4? ›

How to sell a treasure for 100k pesetas – RE4R. There is only one combination that will get you the 100k pesetas you want, and that's by filling the Elegant Crown with five different gem colors. It's the most valuable treasure in the game, and five different stones will double your bonus, pushing the value up to 100k.

Should I sell the ruby in Resident Evil 4 Remake? ›

While it's tempting to barter off any rubies and sapphires you find immediately, don't sell gems to the Merchant on their own. They are always best kept for slotting into inlay items because you can get bonus money by making patterns in the jewellery.

Can you get S+ on New Game Plus RE4 Remake? ›

Getting an S+ rank in New Game Plus is impossible.

Should I sell guns in RE4? ›

Sell Your Guns

There will come a time where the Merchant will offer you too many guns for you to carry at once. Many of these guns also serve similar roles as ones that you already carry, so it can be worth selling your older weapons to make way for the new.

What is the pink currency in RE4? ›

Resident Evil 4 Remake Spinels are a special currency that can be traded with the merchant for treasure, items, and even a variety of fancy new handguns.

What is the most powerful handgun in RE4? ›

Red9. The Red9 is a 9mm pistol with an integral box magazine. Its maxed-out version is considered the most powerful handgun in the Resident Evil 4 remake that one-shots most enemies. To get the Red9 for free, the player must ride the boat in Chapter 4 to the center of the Lake, where there's a shipwreck.

How much is the yellow diamond worth in Resident Evil 4 Remake? ›

A round cut, yellow gemstone. 丸くカットされた透明な黄色の宝石。 Yellow Diamond is an item in Resident Evil 4. It can be sold directly to the Merchant for 7,000₧ or inserted into other treasures to increase its value.

What is the rare fish in RE4? ›

The Lunker Bass is a unique consumable in Resident Evil 4. It is both a healing item and a Treasure of sorts. It can be sold to the Merchant for 5000 Pesetas, and to complete the Request Catch Me a Big Fish. The Lunker Bass can be found in the lake in the Village section.

What is the infinite weapon in Resident Evil 4? ›

In truth, only three weapons in the game have infinite ammo: the Infinite Rocket Launcher, Infinite Handcannon, and Infinite Chicago Typewriter. Here's how you can acquire them. Comparatively speaking, the Infinite Rocket Launcher is the easiest infinite weapon to obtain.

How much is the crown worth in Resident Evil 4? ›

The Crown is a treasure worth 9,000 PTAS. Do not sell it alone because it's one of few treasures that can be combined together to form a more expensive treasure. Combine the Crown with the Crown Jewel and Royal Insignia to make the Salazar Family Crown. Sell it to The Merchant for 48,000 PTAS.

How much is the golden egg worth in RE4? ›

Gold Chicken Egg is needed to complete the Merchant Request, Egg Hunt. Gold Chicken Eggs are rare, only found in a few places in the game, such as the chicken grove on the lake in the Village. They can be sold to the Merchant for 9000 Pesetas.


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