Rural King Guns Greenville Ky (2024)

1. Rural King Guns Muhlenberg, KY

  • Welcome to RK Guns at 145 Copper Creek Dr, Muhlenberg the official online gun store of Rural King. Here you can buy guns online and have them shipped ...

  • Find handguns, rifles, shotguns, ammo & gear near you in Muhlenberg, KY

2. Rural King Guns | Find Your Nearest Store in Kentucky

  • Find your nearest Kentucky location and explore our top-rated firearms and military surplus products. See what is in stock and start shopping today!

3. Rural King Supply | Muhlenberg County KY - Facebook

4. Uncle Lee's, Greenville, KY

  • Guns & Ammo · Departments · Hunting & Sporting Goods · Apparel

  • Uncle Lee's, Greenville, KY

Uncle Lee's, Greenville, KY

5. Buds Gun Shop-Retail Store Only | Page 2 - The High Road

  • 19 sep 2020 · Western Kentucky · Sep 19, 2020. #27. On another note about Bud's Guns and Uncle Lee's (retail location). When Rural King aka RK Guns listed the ...

  • I’ve wondered about the retail location thing as well. Fortunately I live about 40 miles from the Greenville Ky location and when they list a item as in stock in Greenville 9.5 times out of ten they actually have it. They’ve done a good job of keeping up their handgun stock especially Glock...

6. Rural King Supply Black Friday 2024 Ad, Deals & Sales |

  • The Rural King Black Friday ad offers great deals on farm supplies, tools, and equipment for the great outdoors. You can also find discounts on items that could ...

  • See the Rural King Supply Black Friday 2024 ad at Find the best 2024 Rural King Supply Black Friday deals and sales. Follow all of the breaking ads and news.

Rural King Supply Black Friday 2024 Ad, Deals & Sales |

7. Driving directions to Rural King Guns, 3889 N Mayo Trail, Pikeville - Waze

  • Realtime driving directions to Rural King Guns, 3889 N Mayo Trail, Pikeville, based on live traffic updates and road conditions – from Waze fellow drivers.

  • Realtime driving directions to Rural King Guns, 3889 N Mayo Trail, Pikeville, based on live traffic updates and road conditions – from Waze fellow drivers

Driving directions to Rural King Guns, 3889 N Mayo Trail, Pikeville - Waze

8. Events from June 29 – October 5 › Kentucky › - RK Shows

  • If you are a gun collector or are a hunting enthusiast, the gun show at The Center for Rural Development in Somerset, KY is a great place to spend some time.

  • Loading view.

Events from June 29 – October 5 › Kentucky › - RK Shows

9. Kenny's Gun Sales - Henry Repeating Arms

  • Rural King – Jeffersonville 2960 East 10th Street, Jeffersonville, IN 47130 ... 5100 Norton Healthcare Blvd, ATTN: GUN DEPT, Louisville, KY 40241 13.4 ...

  • From Founder & CEO, Anthony Imperato

Kenny's Gun Sales - Henry Repeating Arms
Rural King Guns Greenville Ky (2024)


Does Rural King offer layaway on guns? ›

Guns can only be held in layaway for 60 days. Paperwork should be completed after final payment of the gun has been made. In the event the customer is not approved to purchase the gun, Rural King will assess a service charge of $10.00 for the handling, storage and record keeping costs of the layaway agreement.

Can I have a gun shipped to Rural King? ›

We offer $12.99 flat rate shipping on all guns. There is no transfer fee when shipping to your local Rural King store.

Can you return a gun at Rural King? ›

Firearms. Due to legal concerns, firearms cannot be returned after the transfer process has been completed. It is your responsibility to thoroughly inspect the firearm BEFORE completing the transfer. To report any issues on the firearm PRIOR to transfer, contact us at

Does Rural King finance guns? ›

Effective October 3, 2022, layaways will only be allowed for firearms and RK Tractors. Any layaway for other products begun on or before October 3, 2022, will be valid and must be paid off within the normal 90-day period. 10% down payment required on each new layaway.

Does Walmart have layaway on guns? ›

Can you put a gun on layaway at Walmart? - Quora. No. Layaway only occurs at Christmas time and they have a very specific list as to the type of items that can be put on layaway (toys, electronics, home products such as griddles, toasters, deep fryers, etc.)

Does Rural King have payment plans? ›

Opting for Rural King pay in 4 or installment payments means embracing a modern financial management approach tailored to today's digital shopper's needs.

How long does it take to get a gun from RK guns? ›

The average processing time is currently 7-10 business days after the order has been placed unless your order has an extended processing time. The total time it takes to receive your order is the processing time plus the shipping time.

Should I contact my FFL before ordering? ›

Contact FFL and confirm transfer

Before buying a gun online, it's best to have already contacted and secured an FFL dealer to conduct firearm transfers for you. So when speaking with them for the first time, confirm that they are willing to accept the firearm shipment and that you're comfortable with the dealer's fee.

How old do you have to be to buy ammo from Rural King? ›

Yes. Under the Gun Control Act (GCA), shotguns and rifles, and ammunition for shotguns or rifles may be sold only to individuals 18 years of age or older.

What bank does the Rural King credit card use? ›

The Card is issued by UMB Bank, n.a. ("Issuer"), which is the creditor on your credit card account with Issuer (“Card Account”), under an agreement with RK Holdings, LLC (“Rural King”) and RK Finance, LLC (“RK Finance”).

Who owns Rural King? ›

Pictured, from the left, are Rural King owner and Chairman Alex Melvin, new President and CEO Steve Barbarick, and past CEO Gary Melvin (Alex's father) on April 18 at the company's headquarters in Mattoon.

Is Taurus a good gun? ›

Similar to the Beretta 92 9mm, the Taurus features a slide lock safety that allows co*cked and locked carry and also serves as a deco*cker. The pistol is a good choice for tactical use or as a home-defense gun.


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