Tragic father who died in Magaluf had 'taken cocaine before he died' (2024)

The Irish tourist who collapsed in a Magaluf street on Monday had taken cocaine and drunk alcohol before his death.

The full results of the autopsy performed yesterday on father-of-four Michael Grant, 45, have not yet been made public.

But medical examiners found traces of the banned Class-A drug as well as alcohol in his system.

They have not yet been able to determine whether they played a part in his death and further tests are now expected to take place as Civil Guard sources refuted reports a murder investigation had been launched.

The father-of-four from Waterford was found to have leg injuriesconsistent with having been hit by a car as well as mystery bite marks on his arm and shoulder in an initial pre-autopsy examination.

The physiotherapist also had a deep wound with glass inside, after being found unresponsive at about 4.30am on Monday close to the resort'snotorious Punta Bellena strip that is packed with late-night bars, nightclubs and lap dancing joints.

Michael Grant (pictured),45, tragically collapsed and died in the middle of the street in Magaluf in the early hours of Monday morning

Mr Grant, a physiotherapist from Waterford, was found unresponsive close to Magaluf's notorious Punta Bellena strip that is packed with late-night bars, nightclubs and lap dancing joints at about 4.30am. Pictured: Locals watch on as police work at the scene today

The father-of-four from Waterford (left) was found to have leg injuries consistent with having been hit by a car as well as mystery bite marks on his arm and shoulder in an initial pre-autopsy examination

Medical examiners have found no evidence pointing to the 45-year-old's death being related to the injuries believed to have been inflicted by a car, but apolice investigation into the events leading up to the tragedy is continuing.

Investigators are now waiting on the results of a full autopsy due to take place later today to see if it confirms initial suspicions the holidaymaker suffered a heart attack after a heavy day's partying or points to his shock death being linked to something more sinister.

According to local reports, saliva samples have been taken from the two bite marks, one on his shoulder and one on his chest, to determine who is responsible and whether they were inflicted during an assault.

Detectives are still analysing CCTV footage from cameras in the area near to where the holidaymaker was found dead for any clues.

Mr Grant, who was on holiday with his wife Leanne and at least two of their four children and other families from Ireland, was stayingat the Sol Katmandu Park and Resort before his tragic death.

Mr Grant was a popular family man from Ireland who had got lost following a night out, it has emerged. Pictured: A view of the road where the man was found on Monday

A strip of paper from what appears to be instructions for a defibrillator are seen on the street where Mr Grant was found unresponsive

He had reportedly taken a wrong turn and become separated from other members of his group after spending the afternoon drinking by his hotel pool before going out partying.

A source close to the ongoing inquiry said: 'The initial suggestion was that this man's death could have been linked to what he had consumed before he died.

'But a prior examination of his body ahead of the full autopsy has thrown up some surprises and given investigators cause for concern.

'Injuries on Mr Grant's leg are consistent with him being run over by a car.

'They don't appear on the face of it to be life-threatening but they have opened up the possibility his death might not be an accident.

'The investigators don't know at the moment if the bite marks are connected'.

The source added that Mr Grant's friends and loved ones - including his wife - will be questioned as part of the investigation to help 'build up a detailed picture of the last hours of his life'.

The group the dead man was part of were staying at the four-star Sol Katmandu Park and Resort in Magaluf which describes itself online as a popular hotel for families with young children.

A security guard working on the main strip alerted local police yesterday, telling officers he had seen the man collapse and fall to the ground.

Attempts to revive him at the scene proved unsuccessful and he was pronounced dead shortly afterwards.

The dead man was identified by the hotel wristband he was wearing but also by the tattooed names of his wife and children on his back.

A spokesman for Calvia Council, which is responsible for the Magaluf area, had said earlier in the day the dead man was British before it was confirmed he was travelling on an Irish passport.

The group were staying at the Sol Katmandu Park and Resort (pictured) that is popular with families with young children

Grant was found unresponsive close to the resort's notorious Punta Bellena strip that is packed with late-night bars, nightclubs, and lap dancing joints

It said in a statement yesterday: 'A 45-year-old man died in the street this morning in the Magaluf area.

'It occurred around 4.30am. The dead man was staying in a hotel in the area.'

He added: 'An employee of a local establishment alerted police, saying that a man was unwell and was stumbling around in the street.

'Local police arrived and performed CPR but were unable to revive him. The Civil Guard has taken over the investigation to determine the cause of death.'

A Civil Guard source said early yesterday morning: 'This death does not appear to be crime-related in any way but the autopsy will be key to determining what happens next.'

A hotel worker also added: 'The family and friends of Mr Grant were crying all morning,' after hearing the news of his unexpected death.

Holidaymakers have told of their shock at Mr Grant's sudden death.

Friends Brenda and Shirley from Wolverhampton described his death as a tragedy.

Brenda, 65, told the MailOnline: 'It's awful that he just dropped dead in the street. Forty-five is not old, how can this have happened?'

Shirley added: 'People do drink while they're on holiday, but you don't expect something like this.'

Mr Grant was a head child coach at St Joseph's AFC Waterford football club.

Mr Grant was on holiday in Magaluf with his wife Leanne and their four children and other families from Ireland when the tragedy took place. Pictured: The road where he was found

It said in a tribute statement released on its Facebook page: 'It is with a heavy heart that we inform you of the sudden shock passing of our dearest club member and head child coach, Michael Grant.

'As many of you know, Michael was more than just a coach to us - he was a beloved friend and as a club and for his family we need time to process this devastating loss.

'Michael was an integral part of our community, and his absence will be profoundly felt. He was not just a coach but a mentor and a friend to all the children and adult members at St Joseph's.

'More recently His dedication, passion, and love for the kids were evident in everything he did. He cherished every one of them, and I'm sure you will all agree that his impact was immeasurable.

'We extend our heartfelt condolences to Michael's family: his wife Leanne, their children Kayleigh, Niamh, Shay and Sophia , his parents Sam and Marie, his brothers, sisters and extended family. Our thoughts and prayers are with them during this incredibly difficult time.

'We also want to acknowledge the grief and shock that our own children and members are experiencing. Michael was a significant part of their lives, and his loss is deeply personal to each of us.

'In the coming days, we will share more information regarding any plans to honor Michael's memory. We appreciate your patience and understanding as we navigate through this challenging period.

'Michael, sleep well, dear friend. You will be missed forever, but your legacy and the love you shared will never be forgotten and will always live on in our club.'

Ireland's Department of Foreign Affairs said in a statement: 'The Department of Foreign Affairs is aware of the case and is providing consular assistance. As with all consular cases, the Department does not comment on the details of any specific case.'

Tragic father who died in Magaluf had 'taken cocaine before he died' (2024)


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